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   Jean-Louis Rivière, One lover of the wines from here!

Le mot « amateur » vient du verbe « aimer », mais de l’anglais « to aim »... tendre vers !

Welcome ! lovers of the wines of Languedoc !

Before they made “pisser la vigne”....they grew for quantity, not quality. Often even one cut these wines with heavier wines like the wines of Algeria and that gave, it should be recognized,»une espèce de bibine», which one found in supermarkets, in bottles of plastic or glass decorated with stars! 
Today this is over. Except for occasional mistakes on the labels, immense progress has been made by people who knew how to exploit the natural riches of the sun and the soil. And finally some very high-class wines emerged!

It is with frankness and enthusiasm that the host will speak to you about the Wines of Languedoc and not only of very recent appelation“Sommières”but also of close names, which he knows well tasting them regularly. Because he enjoys traverse Languedoc in search of high-class wines at reasonable prices and it is for him a great pride when he discovers some and it is for him a great joy of making known them to you ! While waiting, click on “MY CHOICES”  before hand,