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A few miles from Montpellier, Alès, Uzès, and Nîmes, Sommières is set in a landscape of garrigue whose deep green colour rises in layers towar the blue sky. The winding roads, here and there, go past vineyards like a chessboard.

These garrigues resemble the lines of Racine: a mineral harshness made white-hot by the summer sun. Then, the perspective widens, the hills' sensual curves replace the asperities which tear the sky open. If the landscape keeps its green predominant colour, on the horizon, the hills and the mountains get bluer and bluer. Sommières hides somewhere in this blue hollow...

Beside the river Vidourle in the cafés, the Pastis flours like waterand the river when it floods, sweeps away everything in its path. Once you have crossed the Roman bridge built during the reign of Tiberius, you follow the road and you discover the entrance of La Savonnière where the three cypresses welcome you. According to the Languedoc symbolism when you plant a cypress at the entrance of your residence, it means: "Hello, let's have an aperitif !", two cypresses "Welcome, let's have an aperitif and diner !", three cypresses "Hello, let's have an aperitif and diner and please stay the night, our home is yours"…The place is called La Savonnière because at the turn of the last century, "les réboussiers", the people who lived across the bridge, used to come here, to this washing place to wash their linen…later this place would become a vineyard..


My great grand-father was a wine grower, a countryman. He once told my father: " Son, you see: the more you give to the land the more its gives you in return". This meaningful sentence has gained ground…And is sensible for many reasons ! Each day in this house, in this garden, I can sense the truth in the words from this philosophical farmer… Each tree, each plant, each stone has its secrets…They will unveil it to you ! Especially in the morning, on the terrace when you will have breakfast and when the sunbeams wake the garden and precedes you in the transparent water of the Roman swimming pool ... I am looking forward to welcoming you à la Savonnière, a real home away from your home where you can spend a great holiday! I will be delighted to give you advise on what to do or discover in the area. Best Regards,

Laurence Béthoux-Rivière